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available at our 11am services

  • Nursery (up to 5yrs)

  • Kids' Church (KG-Grade 6)

Church Center

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use this to:


BLT - PRAY summary with Feena

BLT - "Y" of Pray with Feena & Andrew

BLT - "A" of PRAY with Chris & Megan

BLT - "R" of PRAY with Reinhard & guest



"Good morning Rez kids and Camrose kids !! Feena did such a fabulous video on PRAYER it makes me very excited to stay tuned to see what she has for all of us this Sunday❤️ I wanted to add this little activity mid week to keep us in prayer and keep everyone thinking about prayer!! This might be something that you want to print off and hang on your wall or on the fridge😁 I miss you all so deeply and I miss our Sunday mornings together 😢 but I know we will all be together again soon!!" ~ Natalie


"I have and idea for this week 😁 in following Feena's lesson I want all of you to build a fort somewhere you would feel safe if you were in King David's position. I want you to take a picture of it and show all of us your creation (share in the FB group). Also on a piece of paper or in a video tell us what your praying for this week❤️" ~ Natalie


"I found this on Pinterest and wanted to share it with my little peeps!! It’s so cute and easy to memorize ❤️ have a fabulous Sunday!!" ~ Natalie

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These prayers are written on paper and then folded. When placed on water they slowly open, giving time to reflect on the prayers.