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about us:

Resurrection Lutheran Brethren Church was established in Camrose, Alberta, in 1999.

As believers compelled by the love of Jesus, we communicate the Good News of God's Grace to people locally, nationally and globally so that they will trust Christ for life to the praise of His glory. 

Come visit us on the corner of Parkview & Enevold!


Jeremy Osterwalder

Executive Pastor

Most life-giving activities for me are opportunities to be outdoors. Being in God’s creation creates space to exhale stresses and be recharged by sunshine, the wind, and various other elements that trigger my senses. Extended times to hike or canoe, camp or bike and sit by a campfire in quiet contemplation are particularly rejuvenating.

Knowing that God has made it possible for me to be forgiven through Christ’s death and resurrection undergirds my life with peace from which I can work and engage in the call given me. 

It has been especially rich to experience times of prayer with others wherein it is evident we know not how we should pray and yet it becomes clear that the Holy Spirit is interceding for us (Romans 8:26-27). So often these times are accompanied with tears and we can sense the sacredness of this holy time. It is a gift to recognize God’s work among us!  

ROKOS, Greg.jpg
Greg Rokos

Pastor of Community Care

Hey! My name is Greg, I’ve lived in or near Camrose my whole life and am grateful that God has called me to serve at Resurrection. Things that bring me life include most outdoor activities with family and friends whether it’s hiking, canoeing, camping or playing most sports.


One area of ministry that brings me great joy is getting together with people in small groups or one on one for a coffee to chat about life, encourage one another and to spend time in prayer.


It’s been really encouraging to see God at work in our city as he brings people together where they can find a sense of belonging. I’m excited to see what God has planned for Camrose in the days, weeks, and months to come!

WAHL, Mackenzie.jpg
Mac Wahl

Youth Director - (Gr. 7-12)

An activity that fills up my cup is mountain biking with friends; the past few summers, a group of my friends and I have gone to the mountains for a camping/biking trip that refills me for daily life.

The thing I love most about being God's child is no matter what my circumstances are, my identity does not change. No matter how good or poorly I do in any given situation, my heavenly Father loves me and seeks me out calling me his own.

One way I have witnessed God at work at Rez is the hunger that a number of the youth have to dig into God's word and go deeper than the surface level.

ECKART, Shalayne.jpg
Shalayne Eckart

Youth Worker (intern) - Juniors

Starting this new season at Rez has been beyond life-giving to me. Being a part of God’s mission through youth ministry or watching friends get married and entering new seasons in life has been reminding me of God’s faithfulness in our lives no matter the circumstance.

I love being one of God's children because I know that there is always radical grace waiting for me from a loving heavenly father. Even in the unpredictable nature of being in ministry, I know there is an eternal sovereign God that is in control. Even if I make mistakes, there is grace, and
God will use unlikely moments that I didn’t plan for his glory.

I have witnessed God work in Camrose through the welcoming and loving nature of the whole community. God uses Camrose’s “small town” feel to create space for families to flourish and be more connected to one another. Camrose has rich church history and prayer at its roots, and I’m excited to see what God has planned for the future.

HOOVER, Laura.jpg
  • What are some activities that are life-giving for you?

Canoeing, walking my dog, spending time in nature or with animals

  • What aspect of ministry do you find most fulfilling?

Watching kids developing a lasting, life-changing relationship with God

  • How have you witnessed God at work at Resurrection?

I am constantly in awe of how God meets the needs of our church and provides so many unique individuals with their own gifts and talents to serve in all areas of ministry.

Laura Hoover

Children's Ministry Director

NIEHOFF, Inga.jpg
Inga Niehoff

Administrative Assistant

Getting out into nature and witnessing the incredible details of God's creations is something that grounds me and fills my heart. Also taking my camera out and capturing these intricacies, as well as snapping images of people being active or interacting with each other exuberates me.

I am so thankful to be a child of God, always having our good, good Father's comforting arms wrapped around me. Knowing he has my back, makes it easier for His love to flow through me, as I connect with people in my communities and tackle the highs and lows of todays world.

God works in so many ways, but one of the most powerful things for me is how deep songs of worship and praise can go. Just letting the music/the voices/the lyrics pour over me, gives me a strong sense of God's love for me. I wish for you, that you may also have ways that you can feel that deep love being poured out on you, and anyone that freely accepts God's LOVE. We are all children of our great heavenly Father - let's LOVE each other!

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