about us:

Resurrection Lutheran Brethren Church was established in Camrose, Alberta, in 1999.

As believers compelled by the love of Jesus, we communicate the Good News of God's Grace to people locally, nationally and globally so that they will trust Christ for life to the praise of His glory. 

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"Things that bring me life are almost all found outside and include a good hike, collecting firewood or sitting by a mountain river.  Growing up on a farm the rhythms of the seasons are embedded deeply; there is treasure to be found in each one.

Having opportunity to be the father of five children and husband of one wife has enabled me to grow in understanding and reverence, if even in just a marginal amount, of God’s choice to call himself Father and the bridegroom of the church.

As God’s Spirit is at work in Camrose and God’s kingdom takes ever-greater residence in our city lives are being made whole, relationships are being restored and our community will continue to bless one another in an overflowing fashion rippling out to reach the world.  Be encouraged, there are hopeful signs!"

J Osterwalder.jpg
Jeremy Osterwalder

“When I think about all the things that bring me life, I immediately think of things that keep me active. I enjoy most sports, canoeing, and camping with my family. One of my favorite times to go camping is in the middle of winter. There are never any mosquitos and the best campsites are always available!


I am married to an amazing woman and together we have four beautiful children. Spending time with them and getting out in the wilderness together always recharges my batteries and brings joy and refreshment to my life.


As God continues to move and work in this city, my prayer is that the people of Camrose will experience forgiveness that can only be found in Christ. The Spirit of God is at work among us, may we all have eyes to see how He is working and hearts that are ready to experience all that He has for us in this city and to the ends of the earth!”

Greg Rokos

"When I am not on some wild adventure or taking a leap off a bridge into deep waters, I am with my family. Sometimes it seems like time is endless but in reality, time is fleeting and I cannot get enough time with my family. I feel overjoyed when I am able to be surrounded by my loved ones. 


I am exceptionally grateful for still moments, where I can play my ukulele, capture a moment with my camera, sip on some coffee and be amazed at how God created all things and how big His love is for everyone, everywhere. 


God is good and I have been blessed to be apart of this community that happens in Camrose, AB. I have had many experiences where I needed a hand moving something or I needed to call someone to help me out with car issues. I was never stranded and someone always brought the coffee. God is really good!"

Kenzie Jack

Youth Director


Mac Wahl
Mac Wahl.jpg

"Something that is life giving for me is taking my dog for a long walk, while listening to a podcast of a sermon or teaching on a passage of scripture.


I'm grateful for the community of people who surround me with support and love.


I've been very encouraged by God's work in the children and youth of Camrose. It is exciting to see a child or youth that has their eyes light up us they understand a scripture in a way they had not before. It is also encouraging to see the younger generation develop a heart for sharing and teaching God's word with others."

 Jr. Youth Lead & Intern


"Life-giving are the simple moments, the simple wonders, the simple joys. When I slow down to view the many creations of our maker, I am able to see the extreme intricacies that are woven into every little thing. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, so no two humans are the same -> that is just so fascinating!


I am so very grateful for the church family we have here at Resurrection, the incredible community of Camrose and the amazing province of Alberta within the great country of Canada. We couldn't ask for a better village to raise our children.

God works in so many ways that we aren't even aware of a vast majority; but I am always made aware of his presence when he shines through in the simple love of children, who freely accept God's LOVE being poured out on them. We are all children of our great heavenly Father!"

Inga Niehoff

Office Administrator