Our Church Body

About the Church of the Lutheran Brethren

The Church of the Lutheran Brethren of America (CLBA) is a family of 123 congregations in the United States and Canada, with 1,500 daughter congregations in Cameroon, Chad, Japan and Taiwan now organized into four national churches. The CLBA congregations are Lutheran in theological tradition and evangelical in practice.
The CLBA, as a denomination, exists to serve congregations in their obedience to the Great Commission, locally, nationally and internationally. This commission calls us to proclaim Christ, causing people to trust and follow Him.
For the first 50 years of CLBA history over 50% of denominational funds were spent on overseas missions, living out the vision that was in the founders' hearts. Today the people of the CLBA are experiencing a growing desire to reach out to our communities and to plant more congregations in North America. Our vision is to found congregations that are aligned to the Scriptures as authoritative, and to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as central. We believe this is God’s primary way of bringing truth and meaning to a broken world. Congregations with living ministries of worship, nurture, evangelism, caring and loving fellowship that are well led are the hope for light and life in our communities and in our world. The prayer of our congregations is that the Lord will use us who have received grace through faith, to be centers for spiritual life.