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07.01.28 Scandal

Luke 4:14-28 When Jesus comes back to preach at his home church a scandal erupts over his words. Why do people find Jesus so offensive?

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07.01.21 The Heart and Mission of Jesus

Luke 4:14-21

We are told to have lives that are "purpose driven". That is a great goal as long as it is in response to what Jesus has done for us and reflects the heart and mission of Jesus. I'm quite sure that many people won't like Luke's version of the passion of Jesus.

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07.01.14 What's On the Inside

At the wedding Cana when Jesus turned the water into wine, he was doing much more than keeping the party going. He was giving a glimpse of what's on the inside of Jesus.

by Pastor Harold Rust

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07.01.07 Welcome to Your New Year

If you like it or not 2007 is here. What is this year going to look like to you? Have you set any "new years resolutions" yet. Take a listen and consider Jesus' top two priorities in your life.

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