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06.10.29 Ladders to heaven

Romans 3:21-28 Jesus calls all believers to get off the ladder of spiritual mobility and invites us to rest at the foot of the cross.

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06.10.22 A Passion to Serve!

Mark 10:35-45. Responding to the call to follow Jesus also is a call to be a passionate servant of people.

There was a video viewed during this message. View it at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryCTIigaloQ

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Oct 15.06 Money Money Money

Jesus words to the Rich Young Ruler cut to the heart. They are hard words for us to hear, but they are incredibly important for us to hear.

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Oct 8.06 Worry sucks the joy out of life!

Jesus desires for all people to be free to live the abundant life. Worry robs people of experiences and joy that God wants us to have.

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Oct 1.06 Welcome to the Holy Club

There was a video watched during this message. You may have already seen it on the net, "Free hugs" is the name of it. Watch it before you listen so you don't miss out. Today Jesus invites believers to step away from competition between believers to our true calling of servanthood.

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Enjoy being truly alive.... Dean